All of our products are raised on our family farm.


Pastured Eggs

Our eggs are sized and graded according to USDA standards. We have medium through jumbo available. Some seasonality will impact our availability as we allow our hens productivity to rise and fall with the seasons.


Whole Chicken

Whole chickens are the most economical way to enjoy our pasture raised meats. They usually average 4 lbs, but can vary a pound or so either way, so you can find the perfect size for your family. All meat is processed at a USDA licensed and inspected facility.

bbq chicken.jpg

Chicken Cuts

Prefer your favorite cuts instead of a whole chicken? No problem! We offer everything pre-cut for your convenience. Boneless and bone-in breast, drumsticks (legs), thigh, wing, leg-thigh quarters, liver, feet, and stock packs.