Coriander Fields is owned and operated by Mindy & Ed Cory.

We began our farming journey years ago in an effort to provide our family with fresh, healthy foods. The backyard made way for a large vegetable garden. Our own backyard flock of six laying hens came next. One thing led to another, and we sold our suburban house on the cul-de-sac and moved to the countryside to launch Coriander Fields.

Our chickens are raised with care and respect; given free access to pasture where they can run, scratch the earth, stretch their wings, and catch all the grasshoppers they want. They also receive a GMO-free grain ration. The results are healthy birds which make healthy, flavorful meat that "tastes like chicken" with a firm, yet tender texture you can't find at the grocery store.

Managing Coriander Fields is a family affair as our three sons are alongside us every day collecting eggs, moving the animals and checking fences. Even our youngest's first word was "bok-bok" instead of "ma-ma" or "da-da".